5 Important things to know about the flu shot (part 1)

1.) You CAN get the flu from the vaccine

So you trust big pharma and your doctor on that one huh? Ask that doctor to name even 2 adjuvants in a flu shot…still think they are the expert? Every single person knows someone who got the flu shot and then got very sick with the flu. So whether that be from the virus in the shot or the simple fact you injected foreign, neurotoxic and carcinogenic toxins into your body is really irrelevant. Be that as it may the CDC even funded a study that found a [6.3 times more aerosol shedding among cases with vaccination in the current and previous season compared with having no vaccination in those two seasons.”

“The association of current and prior year vaccination with increased shedding of influenza A might lead one to speculate that certain types of prior immunity promote lung inflammation, airway closure, and aerosol generation. This first observation of the phenomenon needs confirmation. If confirmed, this observation, together with recent literature suggesting reduced protection with annual vaccination, would have implications for influenza vaccination recommendations and policies.”
Let me break it down in plain language.
Higher viral shedding means that those who were vaccinated were breathing out more influenza virus and would be spreading it more than the unvaccinated. So when doctors, health departments, or health “authorities” like the CDC push the vaccine by saying things like “the vaccine protects you and those around you,” “everyone needs the vaccine because of ‘herd’ immunity,” or “you have to get the vaccine so you protect the very young, the elderly and the very weak/cancer patients etc.,” they would actually be lying. 6.3 times more aerosol shedding means that those who were vaccinated were spreading more virus into the air around them just by breathing when compared to those who had not received the vaccine that same year and/or the flu vaccine from the previous year. The implications of this finding now show that those who are vaccinated pose a greater risk to the immune compromised, i.e. cancer patients, the elderly and the very young and that the unvaccinated spread the disease less and protect others better! In essence, the vaccine does the exact opposite of what people have been told and explains why we are seeing more and more people get sick earlier each year and more people die from the flu.]

So when someone says it’s an “immune response” to the shot and it’s a good thing apply some common sense and ask how does something that makes you feel like crap going to help you? I don’t care if you can shed it or not. You just poisoned yourself. Common sense goes so much farther.

2.) The vaccine DOES cause a wide range of adverse reactions

The vaccine insert which is a legal document declaring what will happen when you get the vaccine. The insert declares the following reactions occur; immune system disorders, which include reactions that can lead to anaphylactic shock and death. It causes digestive disorders including diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. The flu vaccine causes respiratory disorders like dyspnea, chest pain and rhinitis. It can cause nervous system disorders like GBS, encephalomyelitis, neuropathy and paralysis. Also causes cardiovascular problems, blood disorders and skin disorders.

“But it only happens to a small percent of people.” Since the influenza vaccine was considered eligible under the VICP (vaccine injury compensation program) on January 1, 2006, the flu shot has become the most frequently compensated vaccine for injuries and adverse reactions.

3.) If you’re healthy that’s great, now why would you compromise your health by injecting a virus along with other known toxins into your body? If you get the flu you’ll be fine. If you get one of the adverse reactions from the shot you likely will not be and it could last forever.
Here are some elementary notes on “HERD STUPIDITY” I mean “Herd immunity” and why it is not achievable via vaccines….
1) vaccine-induced antibodies wane.
2) Some people are low responders (antibodies made are low).
3) Even having high antibodies does not mean you can’t get infected.
4) Vaccine failure, the vaccine is not as effective as claimed. According to the CDC flu shots for 2018 were only 13% effective.
5) Some live virus vaccines cause the vaccinated to get the disease they are vaccinated against. Then they can infect others.
6) Some vaccines give you the virus and you shed that virus after you get vaccinated. An individual vaccinated against a disease can spread the disease when the virus or other microbe in the vaccine sheds.
7) Vaccinated people can infect others while they are asymptomatic as in the case of pertussis. There are outbreaks among highly vaccinated populations and the vaccinated get the disease.
8.) Vaccines only activate part of the immune system. Cellular immunity is not activated. Vaccine immunity is not the same immunologically as natural immunity. When vaccines are delivered by injection, the mucous membranes are bypassed and thus blood antibodies are produced but not mucosal antibodies.
9) Viruses mutate and become more virulent and old vaccines are not effective against the mutated strains. The mutations keep happening even if new vaccines are invented.
10) The majority of United States, not to mention EARTH are not vaccinated (ie: Have had few vaccines, once upon of time, never any since and have not received what is being pushed today on the CDC schedule!

4.) If you have symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea with a fever right after receiving the flu vaccine you are NOT the unfortunate recipient of a sad coincidence. This is not uncommon as millions of people who report getting the flu report these symptoms in the days following.

5.) Nurses, doctors and other medical professionals were taught nothing about vaccines in school. They were shown the vaccine schedule and that’s it. Ask them what’s in the vaccine? Ask them to review the vaccine insert. The sad truth is these “medical professionals” don’t know and have been indoctrinated by big pharma since their first medical or nursing school class. Many doctors such as pediatricians are given bonuses for giving vaccines (as well as other medical procedures and tests).

We HAVE the ability to save people but sometimes fail because of the Beth Purkey’s in this world that prey on people’s blind faith in scrubs and the medical establishment. We sometimes fail because EGO trumps common sense, compassion, empathy and instincts. We sometimes fail because ignorance abounds and fear + fear mongering is at an all time high.

So, who are you going to trust on this one, me or the nurse who CLEARLY has never read a vaccine insert?

Me or the person who puts their ego, arrogance and ignorance before facts?

Me, the person who read the vaccine insert that states “Do not get this vaccine if you have an egg allergy” or the nurse who gave negligent reckless advice to a concerned parent of a child with an egg allergy to get the flu vaccine.

Who are you going to trust, me, thousands of other nurses, doctors, lawyers, scientists, PHD’s that all say the same thing I am saying with factual information from the pharmaceutical company’s legally binding document or the woman that never once brought anything of value to her post?

My intellect extends far beyond the reach of hospital confines and nursing school programming. My research continues before and after working. True intellects never stops reaching, researching, learning, asking questions and seeking the facts.

XOXO-Save this generation, the next and the ones to follow-DON’T VACCINATE.

By Lauren Novelli, Registered Nurse Bachelor of Science in Nursing

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