Is Samoans’ vitamin A deficiency the real cause of deaths in recent measles outbreak?

1. Malnutrition in Samoa among children has been well recorded in the literature and in a UN document the ‘Samoan Household Nutrition in Brief’ explains how most Samoan villages are VITAMIN A DEFICIENT. Vitamin A has been proven to reduce infant mortality in measles and the W.H.O. protocol for treatment of measles includes Vitamin A as a key component. It must be mentioned that the nutritional status of a country matters and should also be addressed closely when it comes to lowering the mortality rate for measles. A study by Peter R. Belamarich, MD published in the journal Pediatrics in Review noted: “Children who were more than 100% of their expected weight for age (the 50th percentile) experienced no measles mortality, those whose weight was 90% of expected (mildly malnourished) had a 10% mortality rate, and those who were 55% of expected weight (very severely malnourished) had a mortality rate of almost 50%”. If you live in Samoa or have ever visited, you will know it isn’t hard to see almost every village store filled with heavily processed food. It is my observation that fizzy drinks in the islands are easier to access than clean water. The standard diet for Samoan families consists of mostly refined wheat and sugar. Two food groups alone that inflame the gut lining and compromise the immune system. It is no secret that poor nutrition is major contributing factor in the Samoan health crisis. Samoans are overfed and undernourished, yet the Govt has been slow to act when it comes to NUTRITION and the role it plays in preventing disease.

2. Medical error is the 3rd LEADING CAUSE of death in USA. In fact in Australia there are literally thousands of people who die each year from preventable iatrogenic deaths. Understanding this makes you realise it’s not unreasonable to QUESTION MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS and the medical interventions they advise especially in times of crises when decision making can be rushed. There are many life-saving, brilliant Doctors in this world and there are many egotistical, negligent Doctors too. Medical practitioners are human beings not Gods, some are better educated than others and many times it has been shown that they do not always know best. I have been made aware that in Samoa at this time, the standard protocol for treatment of measles given to patients in the hospital system is to administer antibiotics for a viral infection, and acetaminophen to reduce the fever. You do not need a degree to know this is DANGEROUS for a child already malnourished suffering an infection such as the measles. These two treatments alone that will annihilate a child’s gut microbiome (which makes up most of their immune system) and inhibit a child’s body to naturally clear the infection. Are babies dying from measles or are they dying because of the type of treatment they are being administered in hospitals which leaves ill children susceptible to more life-threatening complications? After so many deaths occurring in Samoan hospitals, why aren’t medical practitioners REVIEWING THEIR PROTOCOL and focusing primarily on VITAMIN A (as recommended by the W.H.O.) and VITAMIN C, before antibiotics and acetaminophen? And after so many deaths occurring in Samoan hospitals why does the Samoan Government not show the level of concern or instigate an investigation into what is going wrong or if there is a case for medical malpractice? According to the courts, it happened with vaccinations just last year and ended with 2 nurses being convicted and sentenced earlier this year? What has changed? Why is it not possible something similar is occurring in Samoan hospitals now?

3. MMR is a live virus vaccine. It is well documented that a live virus vaccine can not eradicate measles because the vaccine has the ability to shed and most importantly give its recipients the vaccine strain of measles. A vaccine that has also listed in its post marketing surveillance that FATAL OUTCOME as a DIRECT consequence of disseminated MEASLES VACCINE VIRUS INFECTION. Read that again – FATAL OUTCOME. Then read the vaccine package insert yourself. Understand that vaccination does not automatically equal immunisation due to vaccine failure. You can be fully vaccinated and STILL contract the disease.

4. Samoa has had low vaccination rates since 2004 after parents lost faith in the national vaccination program again and vaccine uptake plummeted dramatically. In 2004, I was 15 years old. This was LONG BEFORE I started sharing information about vaccine safety. The Prime Minister stopped the entire vaccine schedule for 8 months this year, which also contributed to the low vaccination rates. Most Samoan locals in the villages actually have no idea who I am. So, to say I have had a major influence in the low vaccination rates in Samoa is a blatant LIE.

Post by Taylor Winterstein

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